Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Same old tired arguments

There should be a name for the "People who care about animals don't care about people" argument. I'm going to call it the Mutually Exclusive Fallacy. It just shocks and saddens me that after all this time, people still don't get it. They repeat it blindly.
I guess I'll have to continue repeating myself too until it sinks in.
Further proof:
From the website Canadian Serial Killer's:
"Born in Vancouver British Columbia on the first day of January 1940, Clifford Robert Olson Jr killed a total of eleven people before being caught. From a young age, Clifford Olson was in trouble with the law. Olson was a known bully who it was rumoured tortured and killed animals."

As many cops learn cruelty to animals can be a gateway to violence against humans. And the opposite is also true:
"Amazing Grace," a film biography of William Wilberforce, anti-slavery crusader and co-founder of the world's oldest anti-cruelty society, captures Wilberforce's deep devotion to animals and his determination to end the cruelty and suffering imposed upon them in the late 18th and early 19th centuries." (from HSUS) Of course he also devoted his life to making slavery illegal in England.

More examples:

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