Sunday, November 30, 2008

Attacks on Free speech

Thank you to the Canadian blog: ProWomanProLife
to alerting me to the threat to free speech that is occurring. For more information check out the blog (p.s. if you enjoy the blog as much as I do please vote for them for the Canadian bloggie awards) but I will give you a basic rundown of what happened. Pro-life groups are being told they can not hold up signs showing the realities of abortion,because they are too graphic. I would like to point out that as a life activist I do not use graphic images. However, this is a college campus, not an elementary school. These are adults and if they are old enough to have an abortion then they should be old enough to see what the aftermath looks like. Not to mention that you don't have to be pro-life to be outraged by the University's decision. You just have to enjoy free speech and want others (even those whom you may disagree with) to be able to enjoy that as well.
So, please take a look at this well-written sensible blog.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Recent Elections

One good thing to come out of the recent elections was that Proposition 2, in California, passed. I was ecstatic. Prop 2 banned confining animals in crates. After all the sweat,tears,prayers,emails,blogs,flyers... I can't believe it passed!!

Not all the news was good. Proposition 4 or Sarah's law would have made it mandatory to inform gaurdians of a minors intent to have an abortion. It lost by 4% Pro-lifers will need to double their effort now. We can do it. I have faith. More sweat and tears and prayers are needed.