Friday, January 09, 2009

Disunity is harming women and babies

Please read this article entitled: Seal Pup Silliness
The gist of the article is that it is silly to fight for humane treatment of animals. It makes the fallacious argument that I have often rebutted here that if you care about the welfare of animals you must not care about fellow human beings.

Here is my response:
This is why the pro-life movement is failing. You alienate people with different beliefs for example those who are both pro-life and animal rights activists. We are squabbling amongst ourselves while women and unborn babies are being harmed by abortion. Even I, a staunch animal rights activist, am appalled that most who fight for animals to be treated humanely don't think of the plight of unborn humans, but this kind of attitude (i.e. calling the fight for humane treatment of seals "silly") is not helping anyone. As I said it is alienating part of the pro-life movement. I understand your frustration, but please try to see things from others point of view.

Thank you.

and here is further proof that many in the animal rights movement (some pro-life some pro-choice) care about humans:
Vegan Peace on buying sweatshop free (wait, what? They care about the conditions of people who make their products too? Not just animals? Shocking!)
Notmilk on abortion
All Creatures on abortion
The liberal case against abortion
Human Rights Section of ARCO (ARCO stands for Animal Rights Community Online. Being a message board you will obviously find a diverse amount of opinions. Obviously I will not deny there are SOME animal rights activists that are callous towards humans, but please don't generalize.)
Episcoveg blog (Episcopal blog that's mostly AR, but also mentions the problem of hunger and poverty and pascifism.)

and of course my blog! I hope I have conveyed my deep concern for God's children as well as his creation.

P.S. I apologize for my snarky tone I am just so tired of having to explain this concept to people. It shouldn't be that hard to understand!

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