Sunday, April 22, 2007

Veganism and Spirituality

I visited my friends church today as her dad was speaking on simplicity. These are a few benefits of vegetarianism that I have seen in my life. 1. Vegans* live simply. Meat has always been a sign of wealth and extravagance. It still is viewed this way in many cultures around the world. 2. We have an appreciation of God's creation. Most Christian vegans that I know have an ability and insight to stand in awe of the beauty of nature and animals than other Christians. 3. When we extend compassion to even the smallest of life it seems easier to be kind to our human neighbors. I became a Christian around the same time that I became vegan so this is some observations I've made in my life and how God has grown me. God bless all! (*note I use vegan but this is true for vegetarians also)

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